Introducing Knockout – A Chat with Sky Wolf at LSCC!

LSCC - Knockout Late start Sunday and plenty to write up already but there were some small press debuts I wanted to catch. First up is Sky Wolf, the team of Andrew Richmond and Valentina Sannais and their first issue of KNOCKOUT. Set in Andrew’s home of Bath, Knockout is a ‘crazy mix of kitchen sink drama, SF and horror’ featuring a young lady who sees monsters – or is it all in her head? LSCC - Skywolf logo


What’s lovely about Knockout and the creative effort is that it’s about the most collaborative of collaborations. Andrew brought the concept – Valentina does the concept sketches. Andrew does the layouts, Valentina the pencils… then Andrew inks… she does the digital colouring, he the letters – and on with the design, reproduction and everything else. The writing is mostly from Andrew, with some outsourced to a friend (whose name I completely missed while getting down the great story of who of the two did what if I ever got it in the first place).

LSCC - Skywolf Knockout art 1 As it turns out Andrew and Valentina have only actually met four times – this being the fourth: the wonders of modern communications and the world of independent comics! They met at Birmingham’s ICE Convention where Andrew was volunteering, managing portfolio reviews with the big companies. Valentina, just over from Italy, living in London and visiting Birmingham for this had been missed from the list. But Andrew got her in to see DC regardless – and, whatever potential they saw – he clearly recognised the quality of her work himself. LSCC - Skywolf Knockout art 2
Andrew is vocal about his love of the possibilities of an indie comic, the freedom to create what the hell you want once you’ve got a great collaboration going. I tentatively ask about ‘the schedule’ – because many an indie comic project has got going to then stall in neutral; and they, like many others, have day jobs. But their strength is the nature of the partnership. Every step is taken in turn, page by page, rather than a writer – or artist for that matter – outpacing the other. They’re working to one or two pages a week, which basically equates to a seasonal schedule and means the full four issue story should, give or take, be told within the year. LSCC 16 Sky Wolf

And the great news in the short term is that they’ve basically sold enough issues at the Con to cover the costs of issue two – so get in quick if you want one of the numbered debut issues!


The best of luck to them both in their venture!

Tim Bayley



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