How on Earth do you select a Top Pick for February 15?

Carabas - BPOTM

It’s a real A-List zone in February – hard to get down to something approaching a concise shortlist of recommended titles, and selecting a Book of the Month is more or less impossible.

When there’s hard edged output from the pens of both Joe Abercrombie and Low Town author Daniel Polanski, the latter with a brand new series, how do you choose between? When the legendary Neil Gaiman has a short story collection publishing – let alone with a hereto unseen American Gods tale – how can you rate its distinction next to unpublished material, poetry, by the late and dearly missed Iain M Banks along with friend and fellow Scots SF author Ken Macleod?

When you’ve followed the pre-pub coverage of Sarah Pinborough’s The Death House and how affecting it’s been to those early readers how can that not be your pick? But then is being a paperback of an earlier hardback sufficient reason not to give the badge to scribe of Dr Who, comics and books Paul Cornell with the second in his London-based urban fantasy series? Or to the Carey family, especially after 2014 seemed like the year for comic veteran Mike Carey with the publication of The Girl with all the Gifts?

And all that’s before we get to Catherine Webb with her latest title under her latest pseudonym as Claire North, or (yet another fellow Londoner) Jen Williams with her brand new fantasy novel and sequel to The Copper Promise!

But we gave ourselves a pass with a double pick in January so must persevere and choose a single top pick for February – and we have. Just one title amongst many fellow greats and creative heavyweights in February that sounds so wonderfully weird, fun and intriguing that it just nudged itself above.

Congratulations Paul McAuley for his latest novel SOMETHING COMING THROUGH!

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