Group Profile: The Mostly Harmless Science Fiction & Fantasy Book Club


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A new addition to the London’s SFF book club scene, notably with more spaces at present; one of the organisers may spend rather more time thinking about leopards than other organisers / people generally *.

(* Or they may not)


In their words:

This is a group for people who like reading books on such exciting topics as: Embassytown Cover
• science fiction
• fantasy
• leopards
• horror Zoo City Cover
• comics
Every month we will get together in a Central London pub to discuss a wonderful book most probably not about leopards (but one can dream). We will try to select books that aren’t too long as we all have other books to read and maybe other fine book clubs to attend.
We will also avoid any books that rely on existing knowledge of other works or are incomplete. For instance, parts of a series will mostly (and sadly) have to be avoided and novel tie-ins to films or TV series are also unlikely as this would require familiarity with the original material. Fevre Dream Cover
Finally, being a book club, we are looking for fun discussions so we will try to find novels where there will be a good amount to talk about rather than everyone just oooing and aaahing about how awesome it was. War of the Worlds Cover
But yes, read book, chat about book… profit! If it works for the underpants gnomes it works for us yes? Huzzah!



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