Group Profile: The London Comic Book Club

In their words: Welcome to comic book club the book club for people who like their books to have plenty of pictures. Each month we’ll read a trade paperback and then get together and discuss it over a few friendly jars. Looking forward to meeting you!

NB. The organiser also runs the Classic and Cult Film London Group (our profile article).

The library of titles read by the LCBC is a gallery of talent and recommendations of the best from the diverse comic book and graphic novel scene…

GN - Sandman V1 CGP - Incognito CGP - Joe the Barbarian CGP - Black Hole CGP - Watchmen latest jacket GN - The Dark Knight Returns
CGP - Kingdom Come CGP - Sandman V2 - The Doll's House CGP - Incognegro CGP - Sandman V4 - Season of Mists
CGP - Scarlet Traces CGP - Sandman V5 - A Game of You CGP - I Kill Giants CGP - The Wake
CGP - Sandman V3 Dream Country CGP - Fun Home CGP - Earth X CGP - Thor and Loki Blood Brothers CGP - Criminal
CGP - The Filth CGP - Ricky Rouse has a Gun CGP - The Ballad of Halo Jones CGP - Beasts of Burden CGP - The Incal CGP - Spaceman CGP - Pop