Group Profile: The Fantasy Book Club (London)

CP - The Fantasy Book Club (on Meet-up)
See also the FBC’s sister group The Science Fiction Book Club

CPP - FBC - Anansi Boys The Fantasy Book Club meets in central London on the third Tuesday of the month and is open to both men & women who enjoy discussing the themes and issues found in Fantasy Novels. CPP - FBC - Finch
We read character-led Fantasy novels for grown-ups at the more literate end of Fantasy spectrum. Anything from Adams to Zelazny that helps us become ‘Well Read in Fantasy’.
CPP - FBC - In Great Waters Our books are usually from the 60’s onwards and could include anything from Alternate history, Cross Genera Mashup Fantasy/whatever, Dystopian Fantasy, Erotic Fantasy, Feminist Fantasy, Horror, Literary Fantasy, Modern novels with an Fantasy slant, More Horror, New Wave Fantasy, Post-Apocalyptic Fantasy, Short Story Collections, SteamPunk, Urban Fantasy and even the occasional High Fantasy. But lets face it, Dark Lords, Chosen Ones, Prophecies, Dwarves & Elves are old hat. CPP - FBC - The Lies of Locke Lamora
CPP - FBC - Tigana - Guy Gavriel Kay We usually read character led Fantasy paperbacks which could be anything from Alternate history, Cross-Genre Fantasy, Dystopian Fantasy, Feminist Fantasy, Literary Fantasy, Modern novels with an Fantasy slant, New Wave Fantasy, Post-Apocalyptic Fantasy, Short Story Collections or even the occasional High Fantasy or anything else that helps us become ‘Well Read’ in Fantasy. We try to pick books that are as likely to appeal to men as women and will generally be no more than 400 pages long. Something that a commuter will easily be able to finish within one month. CPP - FBC - The Master and Margarita
CPP - FBC - Lovecraft CPP - FBC - Gloriana
We will not read vampire novels, multipart series, LOTR/RPG/TV/Movie novelisations or most books with leather/PVC clad ultra-assassin-strong-yet-sensitive-tragically-misunderstood-ultrababes on the front cover. Or most young adult novels


Upcoming (May 15)

FBC - May - The Buried Giant CBP - May - The Gospel of Loki CBP - The Death House