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Schola Gladitoria


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Schola Gladiatoria is an historical European martial arts and fencing group, established in 2001 and led by Matt Easton. We are one of the oldest and biggest HEMA clubs in the UK, with a popular YouTube channel and forum, we publish leading research and have various competition titles to our name. We were founding members of the Historical European Martial Arts Coalition in 2000 and joined the British Federation for Historical Swordplay in 2006.

  • We are martial artists, practicing traditional and documented European armed and unarmed fighting skills (HEMA)
  • We train in modern clothes and use modern safety equipment
  • We practice fighting skills for our personal development, not to put on displays or entertain the public
  • Some of us enter and do well in martial arts competitions
  • Our fighting systems are historical, but can have many modern world benefits, such as self defence, physical confidence and fitness
  • Our systems easily measure up against modern and non-European arts (and can compete against them)
  • We are social, welcoming and friendly
  • HEMA is a fast growing hobby, with clubs and events Worldwide

Equipment at our classes is provided for beginners and there is no annual membership or joining fee. Class fees vary between locations (generally about £9) – please email for specific details. All you need to bring to your first class are some comfortable clothes (a pair of leather gloves can be useful, but not at all essential).

We always welcome beginners at any time of year and always have a number of new people in the class, so you won’t be alone! All ages (over 18) and levels of fitness are welcome. We welcome all genders, nationalities and ethnicities and are signed up to the ‘Fighters Against Racism’ initiative. Couples and groups are also welcome.

We have 3 branches – London, Bradford and Manchester (see the Schola Gladitoria site for Bradford and Manchester)

SG1 London

SG1 in Ealing, West London, every Tuesday evening, under Matt Easton is the HQ of Schola Gladiatoria. Matt has been teaching HEMA for over fifteen years and has taught and competed at events across Europe. Matt also runs the popular YouTube channel, gives lectures and publishes research. SG1 focuses on two weapons – medieval longsword, according to Fiore dei Liberi (c.1380-1410) and Victorian military sabre, according to John Musgrave Waite (c.1865-1884) and others – alternating each week, with occasional sessions on different weapons.

Sessions are divided into a basic/beginner first part mainly consisting of drilling (7.45pm-9pm) and a second part for more experienced students (9pm-9.45pm) with sparring.

The class address is: All Saints Parish Church Hall, Elm Grove Road, Ealing Common, W5 3JH

To arrange a visit or ask any questions please email or phone 07730 785 794.