Group Profile: London Techno, House & Psychedelic Clubbing

CP - Techno House Psy On Meetup: London Techno, House & Psychedelic Clubbing (All events)


LE - Aug - The Gallery - Hernan Catteano et al LE - Jul - Superstition LE - Aug - Shoreditch Industry Car Park Affair LE - Aug - Blueprint LE - Oct - Perfecto Records 25 Years

Raving since the late hours of 2012 the London Techno House & Psychedelic Clubbing Meetup have clocked nearly a century of clubbing events, now pitched by a team of four.

Founder and organiser Jessica says:

“Calling to all serious ravers interested in dancing the night away (and possibly the morning too 🙂 ) with cool, like-minded people. If you like an event just get a ticket and RSVP. I want to make this group very open for everyone to propose events, also looking for co-organizers if anyone is up for it. The group started off covering the genre of Techno, but it’s now covering some house and psy-trance events too. See you on the dance floor!”

Regular destinations include The Egg, Fabric, The Oval Space, The Steelyard and, of course, Ministry of Sound, but they can be found in all corners of the capital if there’s a party to be had – and beyond having just begun some joint events with an equivalent outfit in Amsterdam!

If it sounds like your kind of thing then click on and join on Meetup!

LE - Jul - We Concur LE - Sep - Tribal Village LE - Oct - Afterburn