Gig Review: THIRD LUNG @ The Black Heart Camden – 10/07/2015

CA - Third Lung (Twitter) Not that Tunde found the night lacking in great music, but up and coming Reading band Third Lung made such an impact that her review became all about them: showcasing captivating stage presence and strange time signatures, you don’t want to miss a chance to see them if you get it…

Third Lung (then recently signed) were onstage second of five at this authentic rock bar and music venue, tucked behind a bank and concealed from the bustle of Camden Town.

Next to the sheer quality of the act and their music an audience were criminally absent (what’s wrong with people?!) though their fellow musicians knew something good when they heard it and didn’t fail to show their support. Unoffended by a relative absence of listeners Third Lung played on, ardently venturing into their own song and sound: classic rock with a blues edge and a pinch of folk, and the trio made a heck of lot of noise between them. CA - Third Lung on stage
Singer-guitarist Tom Farrelly gave a straightforward yet captivating performance and his voice and style reminded me of Robert Plant, something that may help draw in more listeners beyond regular indie rock fans.
CA - Third Lung (Facebook) The band is clearly lead by Tom, but not dictated to. The trio made a heck of a lot of noise as they were, and though they could well invite a fourth member into their comfortable unity, nothing would have rivaled the enjoyable racket these guys produced. Still I would have toned down the guitars a notch for Farrelly’s voice to come through a little more, and there is work still to be done for their music to be heard in the wilderness of the mainstream.

But, as Tom proudly yet humbly announced, their debut album release “In The Chrysalis” was due in September 2015. This might well be where it all happens for this gem of a band. Don’t miss a chance to be in their audience.


Tunde Dudas


*** “In the Chrysalis” launching at Underbelly, Hoxton Square on Sunday 27th September – see our weekly events page for more! ***



Members: Sam Waugh – Drums, Rob Jacques – Bass, Tom Farrelly – Guitar, Vocals

Genre: Rock, Alternative, Folk