Gig Review: THE BERRIES & FLOWERPOT @ The Dublin Castle 21/08/15

CA - Dublin Castle logo Tunde’s first visit to Camden gig / music mainstay The Dublin Castle brought a pair of all-girl trios very much to her attention…

The Dublin Castle is one of Camden’s old school gig venues, and frequented by a mix of suited professionals and the mainstay rock crowd. There were four bands tonight but it was the ladies who stood out for me.

CA - The Berries First on were The Berries, a trio of girls from London who hopped on stage without style affectations or make-up: just cool rock chicks able to present their dedication to music and performance without need for anything else. They kept the groove going and had the audience tapping their feet throught, they kept the groove going throughout their catchy funk rock set, performing original songs including “Throwing it in”, their latest track. I’m confident they’ll soon be making themselves heard around all the prestigious venues and festivals very soon if they’re not already!

Then came on Flowerpot from Bristol, also a trio and also an all-girl band. Lead guitarist and vocalist Louise Baker had a style and elegance that captured the audience and dragged us into the more detailed and precise riffs of her guitar solos.  Her voice is easy on the ears and I imagine the radio stations will love her for it. As far as performance goes I’d like to have seen more interaction among the band, but that will come with time and these girls can rock it with the best of them, with all original songs like “Everything”, “Dance floor”, and “Loser Girl” – they also pulled off an excellent rendition of Smells Like Teen Spirit! CA - Flowerpot

Overall something great happened: these girls are a taste of future rock music and – from both trios – I went home wanting more.

Tunde Dudas