Gig Review: Purson (@ The Borderline 28/10/2014)

Review by Alison Gray

(Pictures by Alison Gray & Mark Wakefield)

Purson, formed in 2011 and rapidly growing in popularity, are a five piece psychedelic rock band fronted by Rosalie Cunningham. 

Purson 2 Named after the great king of hell from demonology they create a mystical retro sound reminiscent of The Doors, Deep Purple, Jefferson Airplane and even shades of Black Sabbath. Tonight they played to a jam packed sold out gig at The Borderline where many audience members are sporting a similar psychedelia dress sense as the band.

Rosie enthuses: “we’ve rammed the place!”

In ‘Spiderwood farm’  the crowd are roused into head banging frenzy. Rosie sings with an eerie seduction on ‘Rocking Horse’. Current single ‘Death’s Kiss’ is upbeat with a folk sound that wouldn’t be out of place at a summer solstice. Loud cheers follow new track ‘Wanted Man’. Purson 3
Technical difficulties mean a song is skipped with a helpful heckle from one fan of “Use the 12 string”. Purson then launch in the rocky “The Contract” which is my personal favourite. New track ‘Mr Howard’ is well received and Rosie states that it may now go on to the next album.

After rapturous applause they leave the stage to reappear for an encore.

I now do believe the hype: this was a truly cosmic gig!


Listen to: The Contract

More tunes: