Gig Review: Honeyblood with Our Girl + Bloody Knees @ Hackney Oslo – 11/02/2015

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“Honeyblood are really all about the song…”

Mark Kelly’s back at the Hackney Oslo for a session from HONEYBLOOD with sanguine support from indie band OUR GIRL and skate-punks BLOODY KNEES…

OG1 Tonight’s proceedings commence with Our Girl, whose punchy indie immediately and adequately prepares us for what lies ahead. With ethereal vocals, some pleasingly intricate guitar and good tunes, they more than earn their place on the bill. OG2
BK1 Next up are Bloody Knees, who with their high octane skate punk appear to be giving a demonstration of kinetic energy. They should bring a huge grin to the faces of any old punks present anyway. If ever there was a band that deserved a moshpit, it’s Bloody Knees. Indeed, they elicit the night’s first crowd surfer. BK2 BK3

They’re by no means devoid of tunes though, as new song Eleven shows. Power and melody – what more do you want??? Happy days!!!

H3 Honeyblood are powerful without losing one iota of their femininity. It is said that any band is only as good as its drummer, and new drummer Cat Myers is awesome. She is all over the kit whilst keeping everything rock solid. H1

However, Honeyblood are really all about the song. Their debut album is full of excellent examples of the songwriting craft, if it were needed, this band is proof that ‘less is more’.

H4 H6 There is plenty of space in their performance that allows the songs to breathe. Mostly Stina sings like an angel throughout. Spare Key is a particular highlight as is Killer Bangs. The onstage interaction between Stina and Cat is something to behold, being almost telepathic. H5

In short, they’re a great band. Hopefully they’ll be with us for a long time.

Mark Kelly