Event Profile: Super Relaxed Fantasy Club (SRFC)

CPP - SRFC On Facebook: www.facebook.com/groups/srfclondon
On Twitter: @SRFCWizards
Super Relaxed Fantasy Club – bringing you readings, genre chat and shenanigans once a month.
The hosts’ author profiles on CARABAS: DEN PATRICK / JEN WILLIAMS

CBP - The Boy Who Wept Blood

ABOUT (From their Facebook Page):

CBP - Iron Ghost
The SRFC is a group of book loving folk who meet monthly to discuss Fantasy, Science Fiction, Horror and all genres in between. We hope to bring you author readings, and Q&As with publishing professionals. And we do it for free.
CA - Smilers Fair We say: Every month in a rooftop bar in Holborn, Den Patrick (The Boy with the Porcelain Blade) and Jen Williams (The Copper Promise) host a relaxed evening for readers and writers. Usually two published (or to be published) authors read and answer questions before general socialising and further drinks. Rumours of late drinks elsewhere can neither be confirmed nor denied. CBP - Barricade
CBP - The Death House Readers have included: Will Hill, Rebecca Levine, Jon Wallace, Tom Pollock, James Dawson, Taran Matharu, Sarah Lotz, Snorri Kristjansson, E. J. Swift, Sarah Pinborough and Stephen Deas and even the hosts themselves! Join on Facebook for invitations to the next event. CBP - JF - Our Lady of the Streets
A guaranteed great night.


CBP - JF - Blood will Follow Feb - isbn9781444770384-detail CBP - EJ Swift CBP Mar - James Dawson