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Tim Bayley

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Writing Website – London based Urban Fantasy: (ft. Marwood, Journeyman Magician in the big city)


On Twitter (personal / writing): @TimBayley1


Fireball Tim hies from the West Midlands, has lived in London for some 17 years and has been organising social events for the last eight. He has worked for Blackwell’s and Oxford University Press and has taken time out since to focus on writing, events and the website you’re currently reading.

It was after finishing the penultimate draft of a young adults book that the urban fantasy character lurking at the back of Tim’s mind jumped up and said ‘My turn’…

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He’s hoping you’re enjoying this here site and the stories on Big City Magic if you’d be so inclined to check them out…

Any feedback on either and support or interest of any kind is very much appreciated.

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