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CP - AW - 2000 AD Alec Worley is a freelance writer of books and comics and a seasoned film journalist. He’s perhaps best known for his work on legendary British sci-fi anthology 2000 AD, for which he’s contributed to classic strips including Judge Dredd and Robo-Hunter, as well as conceived and written two original series, Age of the Wolf and Dandridge. He’s written two Judge Anderson  e-novellas for 2000 AD’s sister (fiction) imprint Abaddon, the second just out at time of writing (Dec 15) and is also scripting Nickelodeon’s Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles stories for Panini. CP - AW - TMNT


Check out Alec’s site for a more comprehensive list but you can click the covers to for more complete title information and buying options on

CP - AW - Age of the Wolf CP - AW - Realm of the Damned Tenebris Deos CP - AW - JA Rookie Heartbreaker CP - AW - JA Rookie The Abyss CP - AW - Empires of the Imagination
(Due May 2016)
(Link to come)


Alec also has a short in SHARKPUNK – Sharkcop 2: Feeding Frenzy – edited by Jonathan Green: see our May 2015 New Book Recommends for more details…


At Super Comic Con 2015 – profile by 2000 AD Online


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