CECAF 2016 – A Gallery of Cartoon and Comic Art

LE - Jun - CECAF 2016 Having missed it in previous years we just had to get along to this years CECAF, the Crouch End Cartoon Art Festival, even if – as was the case – it was one of our classically late arrivals. CECAF, created by Sean Azzopardi, features as part of the Crouch End Festival though is very much it’s own thing and, as we discovered, really is a great mix of creators indie and mainer-stream, all sharing a real love of the scene and medium.
If you weren’t aware of it, couldn’t make, or were just even later than us (!) here’s a look at the books and folk at CECAF 2016 with Web and Twitter details: explore, discover, follow and enjoy!

CECAF 2016 - DAVID BAILLIE First up was Vertigo scribe David Baillie writer and co-creator with artist Meghan Hetrick of Red Thorn (collected volume 1 due in August), a series about Isla, whose drawings come to life, and Glaswegian demigod Thorn. That’s the ‘swaggering, often shirtless firebrand’ himself in the background there as depicted by cover artist Choong Yoon…


Next is Darrell C Thorpe of Death by Heroism and Craig Conlan, creator of Ghost Cat! Nice work gents: check more via the links below… CECAF 2016 - Darrell C Thorpe & Craig Conlan
www.deathbyheroism.com / www.craigscomicland.blogspot.co.uk
@deathbyheroism / @Kraigula


CECAF 2016 - Karen Rubins & Mike Medaglia We know those names: it’s Karen Rubins & Mike Medaglia – in fact Mike was on our Jul-Dec 15 SelfMadeHero round-up page for One Year Wiser…
www.karenrubins.com & www.mikemedaglia.com
@Kazmantra / @mikemedaglia


The legendary (though he does exist as seen here) Roger Langridge, creator of Fred the Clown and much more… CECAF 2016 - Roger Langridge


CECAF 2016 - Amber Hsu & Richy K Chandler Another two guys whose names are always around on the small press scene: Tiny Pencil creator Amber Hsu and Mr Richy K Chandler of Tempo Lush, Lucy the Octopus and freelancer at Titan Comics!
@amberhsu & @RichyKChandler
www.amberhsu.com / www.tempolush.com


That’s Claude TC lurking behind a rack of Journey into Stupid… And there’s Sarah Gordon on the right presenting, amongst others, her most recent work the 48 hour comic Queen Rat! CECAF 2016 - Claude TC & Sarah Gordon
www.gronkcomics.com / www.sarah-gordon.com
(Claude’s not on Twitter as far as we’re aware) / @notsarahgordon (Sarah Gordon is on Twitter as far as we’re aware as, ah, notsarahgordon)


CECAF 2016 - Sally Anne Hickman & Francesca Cassavetti Great shot of Sally Anne Hickman  & Francesca Cassavetti 🙂 Black Diamonds and Blue Scars centrepieced and FabToons rack with Myriad Graphic Novel Competition nominee Panic Attacks and more…
@sallyshinystars (/ Not on Twitter)


Andy Oliver of Broken Frontier (it so happens we did a little profile of BF on Carabas here – needs an update but comes with links and info) with one of his 6 TO WATCH Emma Raby! Another of the 6 Danny Noble (that’s “Danny with a Y”) was also around but we just missed her… CECAF 2016 - Broken Frontier - Andy Oliver & Emma Raby
@AndyWPOliver / @brokenfrontier
@emmaraby / @MundyMorn
www.brokenfrontier.com/author/andyo /
www.emmaraby.blogspot.co.uk / www.dannynoble.tumblr.com


CECAF - 2016 - DOUGLAS NOBLE CECAF 2016 - Douglas Noble - What We Know About Falling Apart Mr Douglas Noble whose art is far, far superior to our photography hence the addition of the jacket here so you can see what he’s holding-slash-touting!


Aha – that’s Rachael Ball, creator of The Inflatable Woman which came out from Bloomsbury in October (link to our Oct 15 GN picks). Managed to take a picture where the author-artist has their eyes closed and the flash has obscured the cover (That’s what they call a double blind in comic poker right?) CG - Oct - The Inflatable Woman CECAF 2016 - Rachael Ball


CECAF 2016 - Avery Hill This would be Ricky Miller, Director of Avery Hill Publishing. Aside from the other fine titles on display you can see Artificial Flowers by Rachael Smith who we caught up with for a chat at 2016’s LSCC. Definitely check out what these guys are up to…


And that there’s Shane Melisse of Backwards Burd brandishing #s 1 and 2 of Joel. BB have certainly been on our radar – but then they publish a book credited to the whole team called F*ck You Kitty Jenkins which is kind of hard to forget… 😉 CECAF 2016 - Shane Melisse
@shanefaced / @BackwardsBurd


CECAF 2016 - Paul B Rainey, Escape Books CGP - Apr - There's No Time Like the Present And finally that’s Paul B Rainey on the Escape Books stall with a copy of his There’s No Time Like the Present (our April 2015 Recommends). Paul’s been on our radar since the London Book Fair 2015’s Why the Graphic Novel panel which we covered here…
www.pbrainey.com / www.escape-books.co.uk
@pbrainey / @EscapeBooksUK


Apols to anyone we missed who were so prompt in packing up: also present were Breakdown Press, Cliodhna Lyons, Daniel Merlin Goodbrey, Danny Noble (another one of Andy O’s 6 TO WATCH), Limehouse Press, Matt Boyce, One Beat Zines / Sarah Broadhurst and Julia Scheele, Oliver Lambden, Zoom Rockman + Dan Lester: Check out more on Andy Oliver’s rundown on Broken Frontier…


Cheers all and hope everyone had a great day!

Tim Bayley