Rogues Can Suck It – Or My Review of Tom Clancy’s The Division by John Simpson

CA - The Division The Division is the latest Tom Clancy offering from Ubisoft, a third person shooter with a bio-catastrophe plot line wherein a virus is released in the heart of New York and it gets sealed off to slow the spread. You are part of the second wave of sleeper cells placed by the government to re-establish order should a catastrophe such as this take place and order needs to be established.

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Mass Effect – 2015 and Beyond!

We do like Mass Effect here at Carabas, so we’re pretty stoked with the news about Mass Effect: Andromeda which was announced on Monday at E3. So we figured we’d start a little page here to be updated as more material comes out from developer BioWare and publisher Electronic Arts – starting with the trailer we just saw!

Feast your eyes…

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Award Profile: The Kitschies

CPP - The Kitschies
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The annual award for the most progressive, intelligent and entertaining genre literature. Sponsored by Fallen London from Failbetter Games.

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Website Profile: Deviant Robot

Deviant Robot Deviant Robot will focus on all the good stuff from the world of movies, games, books, comics and geek culture. We are a passionate team who are building this site because we love the community and want to support it with high quality independent content.



In 2009 Willaim Owen created; a website that was designed to serve and alternative community with news, reviews and interviews covering the worlds of music, video games, movies and comics.

OneMetal was a great success but it soon became clear that both the sites name, and volume of music content on the site was making it hard for people from seing the sites broader interstes.

In 2014 it was descided to create a new website to take on all the non-music content from and alow OneMetal to become a dedicated metal music website. The new website… was Deviant Robot.