Extract / Preview: The Dragon Engine by Andy Remic

CB - AR - Aug - The Dragon Engine PROLOGUE
The Pigs Head
Dake Tillamandil Mandasar, former Sword Champion of King Yoon’s Royal Guard, hero of the Second Mud-Orc War and heir to the Lordship of the House of Emeralds, Vagandrak’s largest ruling family, squinted at the pig’s severed head dominating the long feasting table laid out before him. Granted, the head had been cooked to perfection; skin crisp, meat succulent and steaming, the red apple lodged in its mouth both inviting and in a position for comedy banter; agreed, the head had been placed centrally on a huge, expertly etched silver platter, the edges worked with intricate care and skill by some master craftsmen at the pinnacle of his guild artifice; and yes, granted, the flowering garnish which surrounded the cooked pig’s head like a generous forest of autumnal colour and culinary precision would have made all of King Yoon’s eighty-five Master Chefs weep into their onion soup bowls, such was the artistry with which lettuce and onions had been skilfully carved, potatoes and aubergines arranged just so, carrots and broccoli meshing together to craft a creative tapestry of wonder, begging even the most ardent of carnivores to dive naked and drooling into this feast of lightly seasoned vegetables.

Dake stared. The pig stared back.

“But I… I never ordered that!” said Dake, his vision locked to the doll eyes of the dead pig. Its eyes were small and black as ink. He felt they were watching him… carefully. With an educated understanding. Read the rest of this entry »

Extract / Preview: The Sand Men by Christopher Fowler

CB - Reb - Oct - The Sand Men

Chapter One

The Beach
A SKY SO blue it looked like the atmosphere had evaporated into space.
Mandhatri Sahonta stared into the infinity, then lowered his blue NYC baseball cap over his eyes, adjusting his hardhat on top of it. He was unimpressed by the sky. It was always this blue here, always this bright.
Mandhatri dressed as if he was expecting the weather to suddenly turn cold. When he saw the crimson-faced, fat-bellied holidaymakers waddling past in their Vilebrequin shorts and Diesel tanktops like oversized toddlers, he thought of them as ghosts. He was an engineer. His world did not touch theirs. Tightly wrapped in a vest, shirt, scarf and workboots, he passed their oiled bodies roasting in the sun and assumed they were living proof of what happened when you ate pork.

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Series Profile: DEATH SENTENCE! (Updated)

CS - Death Sentence V1 First on our radar from Mark Millar’s sole read / rave recommend on his site on publication, Monty Nero’s and Mike Dowling’s apocalyptic superhuman romp grabbed critical acclaim and rave reviews. Now, with artist Martin Simmonds, Death Sentence is back and zooming in on London (as if it hadn’t been f***ed up enough already ;)) C - Death Sentence London Cover_A
Mind there’s always that concern of that ‘awkward second album’, especially with a change of band-member – not to worry here though: Martin Simmonds is knocking it out of every park in the big city!

Anyway, while we tend to focus on graphic novels / collected editions of comics here on Carabas, we are particularly keen to see crazy stuff happening to the city of our residence; so here’s our profile of what’s here, coming and been in the world of Death Sentence and Death Sentence: London!

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Extract / Preview: If/Then by Matthew de Abaitua

CB - AR - Aug - If-Then 1
Whatever he was, he was not quite a man. The bailiff found the soldier hanging off a coiled bank of barbed wire running through the heart of Blackcap farmhouse. The soldier did not seem to feel pain and struggled in silence to free his arms and chest from the metal thorns. Though his features were well-defined – a blade of a nose and dark brows – the eyes were mindless, the mouth loose and undirected. No, not quite a man.
The soldier bucked urgently against the new, coarse-cut wire, opening up a bloodless wound: his skin parted along a seam on his forearm, revealing pulpy flesh threaded with spokes of tightly-packed crimson seeds like a pomegranate. The bailiff grasped the hard pale sheen of the soldier’s wrist, just above the wound. The soldier’s uniform – overcoat and pack, a light khaki tunic with two breast-pockets, woollen trousers with a safety pin through the waistband, puttees and hob-nailed boots – smelt of damp earth and the chemical cleansers of the assembly line. He wore an armlet marked with two red letters: SB.


The bailiff knelt down and stroked the soldier’s close-cropped hair as if calming a child crying in the night.

“My name is James,” said the bailiff. Read the rest of this entry »

Contest of Champions by Al Ewing and Paco Medina: Preview!

CA - ANAD - Contest of Champions #1 Beginning in October, Al Ewing and Paco Medina bring you a monthly superhuman fight-fest in Contest of Champions. You can read more on our All-New All-Different Marvel (news and opinion) page or just get straight on and check out our preview of interior pages of issue 1 below!

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Miracleman by Neil Gaiman and Mark Buckingham: Preview!

Miracleman 1 Main How Miracleman came to land at Marvel is a story unto itself (a little on that here) but it’s a big deal, no less the material finally seeing the light of day from Messr’s Gaiman, Buckingham and D’Israeli. And #1 of Miracleman: The Golden Age is, of time of writing, about to be published!
Read on for the press release from Marvel and see below our preview of the opening sequence and more including variant cover art; we might add that variant covers are something we normally leave for the specialist sites but, again, this is just something a bit special…

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Ro-Busters: The Complete Nuts and Bolts Volume 1 by Pat Mills et al – Preview!

CG - TT - Oct - Ro-Busters Along with Strontium Dog, Ro-Busters was one of the successful series taken in by 2000 AD after it’s merger with it’s sister publication Starlord. Conceived along the lines of Thunderbirds with robots, it was actually the Thunderbirds that you never knew you wanted; grittier… and with robots! The first volume of the collected ‘Nuts and Bolts’ of Ro-Busters – featuring the wonderful Hammerstein and Ro-Jaws (never got the pun back then) – hits print in October, but check out our preview of it below!

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Extract / Preview: The Unnoticeables by Robert Brockway

CB - Titan - Jul - The Unnoticeables


}}}Unknown. Unnamed.}}}}}}}}}

I met my guardian angel today. She shot me in the face.
I’m not much for metaphor. So when I say “guardian angel,” I don’t mean some girl with big eyes and swiveling hips who I put on a ridiculous pedestal. I mean that she was an otherworldly being assigned by some higher power to watch over me. And when I say “shot me in the face,” I don’t mean she “blew me away” or “took me by surprise.” I mean she manifested a hand of pure, brilliant white energy, pulled out an old weather-beaten Colt Navy revolver, and put a bullet through my left eyeball.
I am not dead. I am something far, far worse than dead. Or at least I’m turning into it.

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Extract / Preview: Koko the Mighty by Kieran Shea

CB - Ti - Aug - Koko the Mighty updated jacket As she mashes down a bundle of white bar towels, Koko Martstellar’s mind redlines.
“Stay with me, sweetie.”
In what must be mindboggling agony, Jedidiah Flynn lasers her a look. The towels pressed against the wound in his leg quickly soak red on contact, and he throws open his jaw and bays like a stuck hound.
“You keep pushing on my leg like that, and I’ll stay with you. I’ll stay with you long enough to rip your damn head off! God, who trained you in field medicine, Koko? A butcher?”
Koko peeks under the bloody towels. Flecked with dark leg hair, the pulse round wound in Flynn’s leg is a warm trench of glistening pink gore. Damaged and cooked iliotibial band muscle for sure, but at twelve oozing centimeters the wound is totally survivable if measures are taken, and taken soon.

“Listen,” Koko says. “You need to keep compression on this until we get a chance to stitch it up, okay?”

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750 Years in Paris by Vincent Mahé: Preview!

CBP - NB - 750 Years in Paris We were always intrigued by Vincent Mahé’s 750 Years in Paris, even though we hadn’t a clue quite what it was going to be like! Well it’s sequential art all right, with 60 full-page panels narrating developments in the plot of Paris over years if not decades, ending on a very poignant, very recent event in the city’s history, and not a speech bubble in sight. Check out our preview below!
* Please note – there’s some change of resolution and positioning but it should certainly whet your appetite for more. And if you’re wondering why only the bottom half of the page is being used, well Paris gets rather bigger in the pages that follow these…

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Captain America: White by Jeph Loeb and Tim Sale – Preview!

Captain America White #1 CAPTAIN AMERICA: WHITE #1 – by Jeph Loeb and Tim Sale – Coming September 2015
For the uninitiated Loeb and Sale have an ongoing gig in the form of their ‘Color’ series’ with Marvel, chronicling the formative years of Marvel characters and taking a defining colour from the character or costume for the title. So far they’ve done Spider-Man: Blue, Daredevil: Yellow and Hulk: Gray, Daredevil’s original costume being yellow and blue in the comic, the Hulk actually originally being grey (and returned to that scheme by the brilliant Peter David in the late 80’s).
Readers and retailers can look forward to the same pro-treatment and a solid well-written standalone series / collection of Marvel’s flagship supersoldier beginning September – check out our preview below!

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Invincible Iron Man by Brian Michael Bendis and David Marquez: Preview!

CA - ANAD Marvel Iron Man image INVINCIBLE IRON MAN #1, written by BRIAN MICHAEL BENDIS, Art by DAVID MARQUEZ – coming October 2015
Along with the rest of the Marvel stable Iron Man is relaunching. Not a surprise with new armour and a new creative team, but we did earmark this as something a bit special both for the character, the creators – and of course then for readers. So scroll on and check out our preview: if anything with more convinced than before!

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Spidey by Robbie Thompson and Nick Bradshaw: Preview!

Spidey #1 SPIDEY #1, Written by ROBBIE THOMPSON, Art by NICK BRADSHAW, On sale November 2015
Spider-Man started off as a High School teenager but, with the sliding-scale time of comic books, the huge majority of his history has been in his young adult years. So when you’re reworking your publication line after a reality rework why not get in some new adventures for your flagship character? Check out our preview of interior art by Mr Nick Bradshaw below…

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The Light and Darkness War by Tom Veitch and Cam Kennedy: Preview!

CBP T - The Light & Darkness War Originally released in 1988 from Marvel’s creator-owned Epic Imprint we first encountered the story in Marvel UK’s Meltdown anthology, along with Akira, Clive Barker’s Nightbreed and The Last American. It’s the story of a disabled Vietnam vet who wakes up with his buddies on another planet to fight in the war in which they’re engaged; it’s scripted by veteran writer Tom Veitch and the glorious art comes from the fantastic Cam Kennedy. Titan Comics acquired the rights along with many other brilliant comic stories from yesteryear and brought it out as a collection in June.
Well we might be a little behind in bringing forth a preview but it’s a cracking piece of work from what we read so we absolutely had to put this up late or otherwise… Enjoy!

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Mean Girls Club by Ryan Heshka: Preview!

CG - Sep - Mean Girls Club When we saw the title and cover of Mean Girls Club (coming in September) we wondered just how mean they would be, so Nobrow publishing beat us around the head with a proof copy and made us cry until we agreed to say that they’re exceptionally mean. Only we actually didn’t need to be told after reading it – because they really really are! Get a taste of just how mean from the extract Nobrow called us horrid names until we agreed to put up were kind enough to supply below…


Check page right – just like you’re reading a physical copy! 😉 Mean Girls Club preview 1

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Showman Killer by Alejandro Jodorowsky and Nicolas Fructus: Preview!

CG - Titan - Nov - Showman Killer V1 Showman Killer – coming November from Titan Comics – looks absolutely crazy in the best way! Should have some (static) interior art to share before too long, but this fantastic trailer from the publisher very much does the job – Enjoy!

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