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CP - The Dark Coast
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About (from their Tumblr):

Ben Adam Sohawon (vocals, lyrics/vocal melodies)

Ben is a Londoner, through and through – born in South, raised in North, educated in Central, parties in East, works in West.

He’s done many jobs, most of which are horrendous. He’s also worked (for want of a better word) as an actor, but decided to become a singer/songwriter when he found out he wasn’t awful during the singing lessons he initially took to expand his acting repertoire. Five years of regular hard work and study gave him the confidence to try his hand at music; a friend introduced him to Sunil, and after six months of writing and rehearsals, The Dark Coast debuted at the Grafton Arms’ “Acoustic Sessions” Open Mike Night in Kentish Town. CPP - Dark Coast Tales from the Shore

He also speaks Japanese and French, and has pretensions to writing stories and a novel which he’ll probably never finish.


Sunil Tailor (guitar, instrumental composition, backing vocals)

Sunil hails from north-west London, and is a consummate guitarist. He’s played with a number of bands, and is well known on the live music circuit.

Oh, yeah – and he’s an expert in kung fu. So don’t mess.