Band Profile: DeLooze

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“Live Electronics/Melodramatic/Powerpop”


LINE OF BEST FIT: “…infectious tonic of crunchy, industrial instrumental sections and pop diva vocal hooks.”

CLASH: “All misty electronics and the odd piercing, shrieking guitar line, this is both chilled out and arresting, mellow and extremely driven.”

CARABAS:The band blend pulsing electronics, rock drums/guitar and the operatic vocals of Stacey Delooze to create an intense, melodramatic sound.”

Delooze 1 From Delooze’ Soundcloud: DeLooze blends dramatic, electronic post-punk, laced with gothic elements and classical instrumentation, which weave a dark yet delicate soundscape. Delooze 3
Likened to Siouxsie Sioux, Kate Bush, PJ Harvey and Zola Jesus, the vocals are captivating and take us on a journey to a world that is both sexy and earthy, pure, yet dark. An enchanted world.