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Stephen Hunt had had numerous shorts and other writings beforehand began his rise to prominence on the SFF scene with the publication of his Steampunk / Gas Lamp Fantasy book The Court of the Air. This was published in a three-book deal, the subject of a high-level bidding war between the major publishers and won by Harper Voyager, was extended to six and became the Jackelian series. His latest, the Far-Called series, was acquired and published by Gollancz.

Known to have been something of a pioneer of the internet, it’s perhaps no surprise that he’s rather cannily grabbed two very broad, genre-based names for his Facebook pages (above) for the fans of his own works and of the genres themselves.

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Novels – Steampunk (and associated fantastical anachronisms)

The Jackelian Series (Harper Voyager)
CPP - SH - The Court of the Air CPP - SH - The Kingdom of the Waves CPP - SH - The Rise of the Iron Moon CPP - SH - Secrets of the Fire Sea CPP - SH - Jack Cloudie
The Far-Called series (Gollancz) Individual title
CPP - SH - From the Deep of the Dark CPP - Stephen Hunt 9780575092105 CPP - SH - For the Crown & the Dragon

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Both can also be found with more fabulous books from Gollancz here, and more Steampunk greatness here.



The Sliding Void series The Agatha Witchley series
CPP - SH - Sliding Void CPP - SH - Transference Station CPP - SH - Red Sun Bleeding CPP - In the Company of Ghosts CPP - SH - The Plato Club


You can read more on Stephen’s other / short work on his Wikipedia page or on his site (both links at the top).