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“He succeeds in getting you to care about what happens to these people and then he beats the living shit out of them” – Martin McGrath



Simon Ings debuted in 1992 with the widely acclaimed HOT HEAD and has since written a further seven SFF novels and a non-fiction work on the natural history of the eye with more of both to come. He  is the Culture Editor at New Scientist and the editor of their (on hiatus at present) Arc magazine. He was born in 1965 and lives in London.

From Gollancz (acquired backlist and new)

CBP - SI - Hot Head Simon Ings - City of the Iron Fish CBP - SI - Hotwire CBP - SI - Headlong CBP - SI - Painkillers Nov - Wolves Carabas Cover Image to Come
Hot Head (1992)
City of the Iron Fish (1994)
Hotwire (1995)
Headlong (1999)
Painkillers (2000)
Wolves (2014)
The Smoke (est Mar-17)

* PERSONAL RECOMMEND: We read Headlong some years back – on the strength of that alone we’re happy to recommend any of Simon’s titles! Brilliant read…


Arc – with the New Scientist

You can find more about Arc at and

CBP - SI - Arc 1.1 CBP - SI - Arc 1.2 CBP - SI - Arc 1.3 CBP - SI - Arc 1.4 CBP - SI - Arc 2.1 CBP - SI - Arc 2.2
From Atlantic / Corvus From Bloomsbury
CBP - SI - The Weight of Numbers CBP - SI - Dead Water CBP - SI - The Eye
Fiction Non-Fiction

Aside from his books and solo short stories Simon has also collaborated on the latter with Charles Stross and M John Harrison.


Video selection – Arc interviews with other authors

More with and from Simon – including his own account – on YouTube here.