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I’m the author of the two Raven trilogies: Chronicles of The Raven and Legends of The Raven, and the epic fantasy duology, The Ascendants of Estorea. Ravensoul, was the final installment in the Raven saga. The Elves trilogy was completed in 2013 and I’ve written two novellas, Light Stealer and Vault of Deeds. I’m currently editing the first in my new Blood & Fire duology.

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Books by the author (Gollancz unless otherwise stated)

Chronicles of the Raven Legends of the Raven Then
CPP - James Barclay - Dawn Thief CBP - James Barclay - Noonshade CBP - James Barclay - Nightchild CBP - Elfsorrow CBP - James Barclay - Shadowheart CBP - James Barclay - Demonstorm CBP - James Barclay - Ravensoul


Also… The Elves Trilogy
CBP - James Barclay - Light Stealer
Prequel novella – PS Publishing
CBP - Legends - Stories in Honour of David Gemmell
‘Or so Legend Has It’ short in Legends from NewCon Press
CBP - James Barclay - Elves - Once Walked with Gods CBP - James Barclay - Elves - Rise of the TaiGethen CBP - James Barclay - Elves - Beyond the Mists of Katura


Separate settings:

CBP - James Barclay - Cry of the Newborn CBP - James Barclay - Shout for the Dead
The Ascendants of Estoria duology
CBP - James Barclay - Vault of Deeds
Novella – humorous fantasy from PS Publishing


Videos (Scott Barclay)