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Professional writer – SFF in prose and comics; co-creator of the comic series on which the Guardians of the Galaxy film was based, and much more…


CPP - DA - Knights of Pendragon CPP - DA - Death's Head II Dan Abnett is one of the most prolific writers in SFF, scripting both comics and prose. Of the former he’s been a mainstay of the UK and then US scene since the 80’s. In his earlier British comic work perhaps the most noteworthy has been Knights of Pendragon, the radical revamp – with Andy Lanning and Liam Sharp – of Deaths Head, and then with artist David Millgate the origination of a core strip to 2000 AD, Sinister Dexter. CPP - DA - Sinister Dexter

He wrote dark fantasy and future military SF both as comics and prose novels for Warhammer and it’s 40,000 setting for Black Library Books and comics publisher Boom! Studios. During this time he and long-term collaborator Andy Lanning – known also together as DnA – with whom he’d now contributed numerous writing to US giants Marvel and DC, took on Marvel’s character Nova. Their work here gathered steam and attention and led, after further cosmic-scale follow-on’s, to the creation of a contemporary Guardians of the Galaxy book and team which provided the basis and inspiration for 2014’s cinematic blockbuster. CPP - DA - Guardians of the Galaxy
Since then (amongst many other things) Dan has written Triumff, his first prose novel in a world of his own creation, as part of Angry Robot’s inaugural releases and sequel EmbeddedFiefdom with his wife Nik Vincent-Abnett published by Abaddon books, and many more comics with Andy Lanning. CPP - DA - Triumff CPP - DA - Fiefdom


In December 2014 it was reported that Gollancz had acquired his new prose trilogy The Wield, about “an ancient and elite order of warriors… the most feared and respected soldiers of their world” from whom a new recruit inadvertently releases an ancient evil. The first is due to publish November 2016 with sequels in 17 and 18.

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New Titles by Dan Abnett published Jan-Jun 2015

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