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CPP - CS - Charles Stross at EasterCon 2012 - by Cory Doctorow
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“I tell lies for money. (Author, not politician.)”
(Photo by Cory Doctorow – EasterCon 2012)
CPP - CS - Singularity Sky Charles “Charlie” Stross worked as a pharmacist, software engineer and freelance journalist. With a strong science background and love of SFF he’d had articles and stories published in the 70’s and 80’s; his first full length novel Singularity Sky, a stunning space opera debut championed locally and centrally by Waterstone’s, marked the beginning of his rise to prominence on the pro scene. Since then his novels and novella’s have been nominated for and won the major awards in the genre. CBP - Apr - isbn9780356502533-detail

Though some of his work crosses into the fantastical in tone if not subject matter, there is a high degree of scientific rigour behind and in his writings. The Merchant Princes was portrayed as being fantasy by the publisher though is actually set against the backdrop of alternate realities. The excellent Laundry Files are undoubtedly urban fantasy, though inspired by Lovecraft and the horrors he conceived and framed in the context of mathematics and chaos theory.

His ‘fifteen minutes in the future’ Halting State books and others besides are concerned with subject matter clearly of particular personal interest to the author: the relationship with and impact on society, culture and the human condition of science and technology, and the politics thereof.


Charlie Stross on Carabas (search) Eschaton
* We might particularly draw your attention to something from one of Charlie’s books appearing in the first installment of our ‘Greatest Creations of Fantastical Fiction’ articles
On Little Brown (Orbit Books)
On Pan Macmillan (Tor Books)


Books by Charles Stross

The Eschaton series (Orbit) The Merchant Princes (Tor)
CPP - CS - Singularity Sky CPP - CS - Iron Sunrise CPP - CS - The Bloodline Feud CPP - CS - The Trader's War CPP - CS - The Revolution Trade
Charles’ fantastic full-length fiction debut and the brilliant sequel. Sadly he has, for creative reasons, decided against more in the series. Still these really are great; and there’s plenty of great titles from Charles to read besides… First published as six books (The Family Trade, The Hidden Family, The Clan Corporate, The Merchants’ War, The Revolution Business, and The Trade of Queens) they have now, as the author originally intended, been published as the three titles above, each collecting two of those books in turn.


The Laundry Files (Orbit)
CPP - CS - The Atrocity Archives CPP - CS - The Jennifer Morgue CPP - CS - The Fuller Memorandum CPP - CS - The Apocalypse Codex CBP - Apr - isbn9780356502533-detail CPP - CS - The Annihilation Score


You can read more on The Rhesus Chart and other great books from Orbit publishing Jan-Jun 2015 here, or that and more on our April 2015 picks here. The Annihilation Score is due to publish July 2015. You can also browse and purchase Laundry Files and other merchandise from Charlie via his Accelerando page on Zazzle by click the image with examples below.

CPP - CS - Merchandise


Halting State Saturn’s Children Standalone titles
CPP - CS - Halting State CPP - CS - Rule 34 CPP - CS - Saturn's Children CPP - CS - Neptune's Brood CPP - CS - Accelerando CPP - CS - Glasshouse
Collaboration and Shorts…
CPP - CS, CD - Rapture of the Nerds CPP - CS - Wireless NB. All these titles are from Orbit with the exception of Charles’ collaboration with Cory Doctorow which is published by Titan Books.
With Cory Doctorow
Short Stories

The author has written many more print and e-format novel short stories and novellas – click the links at the top to Charlie’s Wikipedia entry or to his own site and check the books page for more detailed listings of these and background to the books and stories themselves.


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