Artist Profile – Vinnikiniki – Alien Street Art

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Artist from London, obsessed with Alien Life, Graffiti & UV Art murals


From the artist’s website: I have exhibited internationally and like to create art on my travels, I look forward to meeting other artists and people to talk about ideas and collaborations.

As most artists, I try to create art that is original and unique. I aim to constantly push and evolve my practice as an artist and enjoy collaborating with other artists and learning new art techniques.

I mostly work on large street art pieces but do knock out the occasional canvas, I use a variety of mediums; spray paint, markers, paint, ink but I also create purely digital pieces. Black light reactive graffiti art murals being a speciality, I’m also very partial to painting aliens and spray cans amongst other twisted and odd looking characters.


Check out our selection of Vinnikiniki’s pieces from London, Bangkok and elswhere with some choice videos as well…

CP - Vinnikiniki - Alien - Bangkok CP - Vinnikiniki - Alien - Bangkok Black Light
CP - Vinnikiniki - Skateboards
CP - Vinnikiniki - Alien Squid
CP - Vinnikiniki - UV Alien Chimera




CP - Vinnikiniki - Alien - Leake Street Tunnel CP - Vinnikiniki - Sakura Cherry blossom tree
CP - Vinnikiniki - Rainbow Octopus Digital Character Illustration CP - Vinnikiniki - HeArt and Soul Spraycan Sculpture Art
CP - Vinnikiniki - Spray Can Sculpture Toys - Black Light
CP - Vinnikiniki - Joker inspired CP - Vinnikiniki - Frankenbunny Digital Illustration CP - Vinnikiniki - Bangkok building





You can find more videos and pieces on Vinnikiniki’s website (above) and larger versions of our selections as well – and you can DISCOVER more great authors, artists and creators on our page here!