Artist Profile: Paul Don Smith

CP - Paul Don Smith
From Twitter: London based URBAN ARTIST Est 1985


Paul Don Smith (2) When we released James Mathurin’s article on street art in Shoreditch and Brick Lane, we were introduced to a whole array of astonishing art both of and beyond the creators he highlighted. A few in particular really captured our attention, both from the quality of the visuals and subject matter that was particularly our scene: music and film, especially fantastical characters from the latter, and just brilliantly conceived original imaginative pieces. Paul “DON” Smith was one, DON being his street art name.
So here for you to discover and enjoy as a Profile of Paul / DON is a selection of his work, his pieces that most appealed to us – but there’s plenty more to discover on his website and via his Twitter account (see above). We look forward to more…


Original stylings and tags…

CP - PDS - The Banker CP - PDS - DON
CP - PDS - DON 2


CP - PDS - Queen Stamps CP - PDS - Jedi Queen 1

And on a frequent subject of Paul’s work not unrelated to the latter…



The fantastical from the big and small screen…

CP - PDS - Finn CP - PDS - Rey CP - PDS - Kylo Ren
CP - PDS - Storm Troopers CP - PDS - Star Wars The Force Awakens


CP - PDS - World War Z CP - PDS - Clockwork Orange CP - PDS - Galadriel
CP - PDS - The (English) Avengers CP - PDS - The Vision


CP - PDS - Batman CP - PDS - Superman, Christopher Reeve

By way of segue, Superman above is also a tribute to Mr Christopher Reeve…




CP - PDS - Prince CP - PDS - Martin Luther King CP - PDS - Lemmy
CP - PDS - Bowie CP - PDS - Prince 2
CP - PDS - Bowie Absolute Beginners CP - PDS - Sign of the Times




From James Mathurin’s original article…

Paul Don Smith (1) Paul Don Smith (6) Paul Don Smith (7) Paul Don Smith (2)



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