What is Carabas?

Puss in Boots Carabas is primarily this here website, but also the banner for various projects and the associated events I organise. Marquis de Carabas 2
There’s a tale in which a cat dressed in a pair of boots convinces a king to give his daughter’s hand to the Marquis de Carabas; a fantastical land in a fantastical tale. It struck me as a good name for what we’re about here, especially as some might remember or discover an especially cool character of the same name in Neil Gaiman and Lenny Henry’s Neverwhere.

You can find more about the the monthly London-based social events on the OUR EVENTS page above.

But the nights and this website are for folk who love alternative culture including, but not limited to:

Watchmen logo 1600x1202 (2) CPP - Jim Butcher GN - Saga V1 * Comics, Science, Fantastical and Cult Fiction TV and Film – with particular interest in Urban Fantasy, Steampunk, New Weird etc CPP - China Mieville - Kraken
M Gorillaz 3 * Music – Alternative, Indie, Electronica, Goth, Rock, Club Culture; and also… Pixies Logo CPP - Penny for the Workhouse  CBP Titan - Steampunk Style 2
NIN Logo
Spaced Promo Nov - Foxglove Summer Steampunk Cos-play * London, Creativity, Unusualness and Style


The nights and the site are also for industry types, pros and creators with a view to being able to put the word out there about all the good stuff coming out from them and is happening around London, as well as promoting up-and-coming and indie creators, be they writers, artists, musicians, bloggers, event organisers or (frankly) whatever. It’s about bringing fantastical and creative London and people a bit closer together.

We’re here to:

* Put the word out on all the awesome stuff happening in London and beyond: Events, Film, Books, Music, Comics etc. See the LONDON EVENTS and REGULAR EVENTS pages above.

Deliver the latest to everyone who loves all this stuff whether or not they identify as a fan

* Champion up-and-coming creators – writers, musicians, artists, publishers, bloggers, event organisers – and their work along with putting the word out about the best of that of established pro’s. (See the OUR FRIENDS for the work of up and coming and established creators; then there’s the INDUSTRY FRIENDS page where you can find and click on to high profile pros, publishers, agents and retailers, whether London-based or otherwise when released.

Also on the Creative Resources page I’m building lists of useful links for creators – writers in the first instance given that that’s my focus, but I really want to expand this into any creative area so entirely keen to hear from musicians and artists and anyone else in addition to anything on the writing front to make it as comprehensive as possible.


I’m very keen to hear from people interested in contributing articles, especially on music and gigs and events but on any of the stuff listed elsewhere and alternative culture generally (drop me a line at tim at carabas dot co dot uk).

If you’d like the heads up on our events and the newsletter that’s in the pipeline drop me a line at the e-mail address above or just click subscribe above and fill in your details.


Ultimately it’s all a bit of a casual mission: to bring the Big City a bit closer, to put the word out there where it’s deserved, and making London – not to mention the UK and beyond – a bit more awesome.


Oh and I’m Tim by the way. Been in London since around 98, and worked in bookselling and publishing for most of the years since. Right now I’m working on various projects full time including this here website and writing fantastical novels for the last couple. So have a look around, get in touch if you fancy and do come back and check out the latest…