A Chat with Rachael Smith at the London Super Comic Con

LSCC - Rachael Smith - Twitter I remembered Rachael’s name from her The Rabbit launch at Gosh!, then on Doctor Who credits for Titan Comics – also from the first releases from Jessica Kingsley Publishing’s Singing Dragon imprint! So it’s all go for Rachael then – I thought I’d pop by her table at LSCC and find out what she’s up to now and in the near future… LE - Sep - The Rabbit

Rachael’s been writing and illustrating her own comics since 2011-ish but amongst these in printed form on her table is the first she’s worked from someone else’s script, The Blue Bottle Mystery from new Jessica Kingsley imprint Singing Dragon. Like others from Singing Dragon, The Blue Bottle Mystery presents a mental health issue / condition: subtitled ‘An Asperger’s Adventure’ it’s an adaptation of Kathy Hoopmann’s kids book and scripted by JKP Art Editor Mike Medaglia (One Year Wiser). If anything it sounds like it been a refreshing experience for Rachael, producing the art without having to think about the text. LSCC - Rachael Smith table
LSCC - Artificial Flowers But she’s no less passionate about doing both. May brings her latest solo work in the form of Artificial Flowers from Avery Hill Publishing and it’s kind of the official creation of the ‘Smith-verse’: Chris, pyromaniac teenager from her self published I Am Fire (2013) is sent to stay with sister Siobhan from House Party (2014) in London. All of these are on display on her table along with 2015’s The Rabbit. LSCC - House Party

Mind we must just mention that she’s sharing the stand with Adam Cadwell, whose Great Beast Comics published House Party and who founded the British Comic Awards. His own six issue Blood Blokes on display, being about slacker vampire housemates in Manchester. Great to meet Rachael and great to meet Adam as well!

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