A Chat with Christian Ward at LSCC!

CGP - Jun - Ody-C After a busy Con I’ve got just one last name on the ‘To Do’-slash-‘visit’ list. Finally I make it over to A124 and catch Christian Ward, artist and collaborator with Kieron Gillen (Marvel’s Young Avengers), Nathan Edmondson (Olympus, Image Comics), Nick Spencer’s (Infinite Vacation) and Matt Fraction on current ongoing series ODY-C

ODY-C is Christian’s main project at the mo: 2 volumes are already out and he’s just working through the comics of volume 3. All pro artists of course adjust their style to suit the matter or comic in question but I mention, looking at his work on Young Avengers next to ODY-C, that it’s struck me that his style is perhaps more bespoke than most. The line work on the former seemed quite ‘clean’ next to the sketchier flourishes of the latter. Maybe this is more my perception – but Christian does note that he’s very consciously varied the art from the first to the second arc / volume of ODY-C. ODY-C Vol 1 P2

For those who don’t know it’s his and Fraction’s SF reworking of Homer’s classic and Christian explains that he wanted to express the sense of the original being told in the oral tradition with more ‘ephemeral’ art. Volume 2 however brings on board the Arabian Nights and he’s sought to express the idea of that work in written form by making it cleaner, less abstract. In fact he’s rather enjoyed the style he’s developed for it: beyond the story he’s telling we are, perhaps, seeing a significant chapter in the artist’s own story.

LSCC - Ultimates #6 CW Variant Beyond ODY-C he’s on art duties for an issue of The Ultimates with fellow Brit Al Ewing and he’s also working on solo one-shot project as both writer and artist. It’s not his first outing as such, having a short in a Vertigo anthology last year, and it sounds like he’d like to do more of the same. LSCC - CW Mixed Fables
Oh and he’s also got a solo debut at the Con itself: MIXED FABLES VOLUME 1, his self published collection of artwork. Well he’s sold about half already so get in quick if you want a first printing!


A big cheers to Christian and the other creators who took the time to chat at LSCC!

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