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Author Profile: Stephen Hunt @s_hunt_author On Wikipedia * Stephen Hunt had had numerous shorts and other writings beforehand began his rise to prominence on the SFF scene with the publication of his Steampunk / Gas Lamp Fantasy book The Court of the Air. This was published in a three-book deal, the subject of a high-level bidding […]

Extract / Preview: Foul Tide’s Turning by Stephen Hunt

ONE WANDERER’S WELCOME It was cold coming out of the east in winter, a biting chill that even the flames from the burning, overturned wooden coach couldn’t cover, nor the whipping snowstorm conceal. Young Thomas Purdell – Tom to those in his confidence – suspected he might not live long enough to warm himself at […]

Foul Tide’s Turning – Stephen Hunt

An exceptional adventure is about to become an extraordinary war . . . Click here for more books coming January to June 15 from Gollancz…

In Dark Service – Stephen Hunt

Carter has been kidnapped. Enslaved. But he’s determined to fight to the end. Jacob is a pacifist. His family destroyed. He’s about to choose the path of violence to reclaim his son. Their world has changed for ever. Between them, they’re going to avenge it. Click here for more books coming January to June 15 […]

Extract / Preview: Luna by Ian McDonald

ONE In a white room on the edge of the Sinus Medii sit six naked teen­ agers. Three girls, three boys. Their skins are black, yellow, brown, white. They scratch at their skins constantly, intently. Depressurisa­tion dries hide, breeds itches. The room is tight, a barrel barely large enough to stand up in. The kids […]

Extract / Preview: London Falling by Paul Cornell

ONE Costain entered the service station and stopped when he saw Quill standing there, not even pretending to look at the chocolate bars displayed in front of him. Costain headed for the toilets, and Quill immediately followed, as if he didn’t care who noticed. Costain made astonished eye contact with him just before the door, […]

Gollancz Books – Publishing Jan-Jun 16!

Here’s an (edited) look at what Gollancz have coming for you over the period Jan-Jun 2016! We’ll be bringing you our particular recommends of all publishers together by month of publication. Note: All copy from Gollancz; we’ve included Hardback or Trade PB jackets were a Mass Market Paperback cover is yet to be confirmed and publication […]

Extract / Preview: Confluence The Trilogy by Paul McAuley (from Child of the River, Book 1)

1 The White Boat The Constable of Aeolis was a shrewd, pragmatic man who did not believe in miracles. In his opinion, everything must have an explanation, and simple explanations were best of all. ‘The sharpest knife cuts cleanest,’ he often told his sons. And: ‘The more a man talks, the more likely it is […]

Extract / Preview: The Thing Itself by Adam Roberts

1 Thing and Sick Unity The beginning was the letter. Roy would probably say the whole thing began when he solved the Fermi Paradox, when he achieved (his word) clarity. Not clarity, I think: but sick. Sick in the head. He probably wouldn’t disagree. Not any more. Not with so much professional psychiatric opinion having […]

Extract / Preview: The Death House by Sarah Pinborough

One ‘They say it makes your eyes bleed. Almost pop out of your head and then bleed.’ ‘Who says?’ ‘People. I just heard it.’ ‘You made it up.’ ‘No, I didn’t,’ Will says. ‘Why would I make that up? I heard it somewhere. You go mad first and then your eyes bleed. I think maybe […]

Extract / Preview: The Boy Who Wept Blood by Den Patrick

1 The Second Son of Allattamento – 6 Giugno 325 Lady Araneae Oscuro Diaspora, formerly of House Contadino, known to her subjects as the Silent Queen, sat back from her letter-writing. Her nightgown was a pale grey silk that left her arms bare, alabaster skin almost luminous in the candlelight. As ever she wore a […]

Extract / Preview: The Long Way to a Small, Angry Planet by Becky Chambers

From the ground, we stand; From our ships, we live; By the stars, we hope. —EXODAN PROVERB Day  128, GC  Standard  306 ……………………………………………. TRANSIT As she woke up in the pod, she remembered three things. First, she was travelling through open space. Second, she was about to start a new job, one she could not […]

Extract / Preview – The Mysteries by Lisa Tuttle

Joe The strangest memory of my childhood concerns my father’s disappearance. This is what I remember: It was late September. I was nine years old, and  my sister Heather was seven and a half.  Although summer was officially over and we’d been back at school for weeks, the weather continued warm and sunny, fall only […]

Extract / Preview: The Ark by Patrick S Tomlinson

NOTE: Where normally we bring you an extract from the beginning of the book, we’ve been given an exclusive excerpt of Patrick S Tomlinson’s THE ARK jumping straight into the action at Chapter 7! *** CHAPTER SEVEN The starboard manipulator arm disintegrated into a violent swarm of tiny projectiles pinging off the acrylic sphere like […]

Extract / Preview: Dreamland by Robert L Anderson

P A R T   O N E All that we see or seem Is but a dream within a dream —Edgar Allan Poe Afterward, Dea blamed it all on Toby. She knew it wasn’t nice to blame a cat. It was definitely immature. But that was life: one big chain reaction, a series of sparks […]

Extract / Preview: Limit by Frank Schatzing

PROLOGUE EVA I want to wake up in a city that doesn’t sleep— Good old Frankie-boy. Untroubled by urban transformation, as long as there was a stiff drink waiting for you when you woke up. Vic Thorn rubbed his eyes. In thirty minutes the automatic alarm signal would rouse the early shift from their beds. […]