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A Chat with Christian Ward at LSCC!

After a busy Con I’ve got just one last name on the ‘To Do’-slash-‘visit’ list. Finally I make it over to A124 and catch Christian Ward, artist and collaborator with Kieron Gillen (Marvel’s Young Avengers), Nathan Edmondson (Olympus, Image Comics), Nick Spencer’s (Infinite Vacation) and Matt Fraction on current ongoing series ODY-C…

Introducing ZOMBIES HATE KUNG FU – A Chat with Ricky-Marcel at LSCC!

I’d spotted ZOMBIES HATE KUNG FU launching in the LSCC table guide. Speaking personally zombies aren’t really my thing (yes I know, everyone else loves them and I’m wrong). Kung Fu on the other hand… So before the con was out I made sure to head along for a chat with creator and writer Ricky-Marcel […]

Introducing Knockout – A Chat with Sky Wolf at LSCC!

Late start Sunday and plenty to write up already but there were some small press debuts I wanted to catch. First up is Sky Wolf, the team of Andrew Richmond and Valentina Sannais and their first issue of KNOCKOUT. Set in Andrew’s home of Bath, Knockout is a ‘crazy mix of kitchen sink drama, SF […]

A Chat with JOHN MCCREA at LSCC 2016!

After the Miracleman panel at LSCC I manage to catch Mr John McCrea at a comparatively free moment. I’ve been aware of John’s work from early collaborations with top writer Garth Ennis on, for example, Troubled Souls. Their partnership continued over the years with Hitman, The Boys, and Dicks, though DC have just recently re-released […]

Retailer Recommends at LSCC 2016!

So you’re visiting London’s main pure comic convention. Yes there’s creators to meet, new indie projects to discover and panels to see and hear. But where and when better to get a bevy of expert tips on those titles – graphic novel / collections and in comic form – you may or may not be […]

Catching up with TPub & Neil Gibson at LSCC!

I first met Neil at last years London Book Fair, and was treated to an insight into the rather unique comic enterprise of TPub. It was no surprise to find they were exhibiting at LSCC 2016 and I’d arranged to pop by and learn more firsthand of where they were since then. I manage to […]

High Vis Festival 2019 – A Gallery

  On the weekend of the 7th September, Birmingham’s High Vis Festival hit Digbeth in and in the streets around Custard Factory. Street Art, Comics and Music? More besides? Coinciding also with 2000 AD’s Day of Dredd I just had to get on down for the Saturday… Check out some of the great stuff and […]

A Chat with Darryl McDaniels of Run-DMC Part 2: On DMC the Comic, Commercialism and Creator Responsibility

Part 2 of this interview with Darryl McDaniels. If you haven’t already you can read Part 1 here; link to Part 3 at the end of this page. So DMC the comic. What I knew already was that it’s set in an alternate 1985, the difference being that superheroes and supervillains are real and, in […]

CECAF 2016 – A Gallery of Cartoon and Comic Art

Having missed it in previous years we just had to get along to this years CECAF, the Crouch End Cartoon Art Festival, even if – as was the case – it was one of our classically late arrivals. CECAF, created by Sean Azzopardi, features as part of the Crouch End Festival though is very much […]

SURFACE TENSION by Jay Gunn – Preview (Now optioned for TV!)

Jay Gunn’s Surface Tension was entirely on our radar – we’d plucked it out as one of our February Recommends and, bumping into and chatting with its creator at LSCC 2016, Jay had written an article for us on his musical inspirations for it. Well apparently we weren’t the only ones who were impressed: because – news […]

Mythic by Phil Hester and John McCrea – Preview!

Mythic’s been on our radar since its launch in comic form last year, more from reading this fantastical mash-up of sweary shamans, undead cyborg monsters of legend, libidinous native elementals and other pan-mythological craziness, and also from when we got to chat with series artist John McCrea at LSCC. No surprise the collection is on our June 2016 Book […]

Alternative Stuff to do this Week in London – 2nd-8th May!

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A Coffee with… Deborah Install at the London Book Fair!

I’d spotted The Robot in the Garden in the Bookseller previews and made sure to include in our February Book Recommends. When I caught on Twitter that its author Deborah Install was attending the London Book Fair today I dropped her a line to see if she had time for a coffee and chat and we arranged to […]

Carabas April 2016 New Book Recommends!


Alternative Stuff to do this Week in London – 22nd-28th February!

For our full months event recommendations see our London Events page and Regular Events page also – if we’re missing something (your own event or someone else’s) let us know!

A Chat with Rachael Smith at the London Super Comic Con

I remembered Rachael’s name from her The Rabbit launch at Gosh!, then on Doctor Who credits for Titan Comics – also from the first releases from Jessica Kingsley Publishing’s Singing Dragon imprint! So it’s all go for Rachael then – I thought I’d pop by her table at LSCC and find out what she’s up […]